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Hot Topics in Coffee

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"LUNA" Espresso Coffee Maker




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Product Characteristics

Model : LUNA
Pressure Method : Pump - 15 bars of pressure
Dimensions : 39cm. wide x 16cm. deep x 31cm. high
15½" wide x 6¼" deep x 12¼" high
Volts/Watts : 1480 Watts
Origin : Italy
Material : Stainless Steel
Cleaning & Care : Handwash Removable Parts
Warranty : 1 year
Special Features : Pod and Ground Coffee Filterholders Included
Brass Boiler
Thermo-Block for incredible powerful steam

Capresso C1000 (Model #152)

  • Automatically grinds, tamps, brews, and cleans in less than 50 seconds. Just push a button!
  • Select any cup size from 1 oz. to 16 oz. with the flick of a switch or a push of a button.
  • The Claris!" Water Care System filters and cleans water just before use. It removes lead clorine, copper, and aluminum and eliminates decalcifying.
  • A professional cone burr system with 6 settings grinds your beans to perfection.



MILADY electronic espresso coffee machine

An espresso coffee machine designed to meet the demands of all espresso coffee outlets, perfect for cafes, bars, offices, hospitals, etc.

Ideal for locations that demand a professional machine designed to brew professional tasting coffee.

Designed and built to brew the best espresso coffee and a superb crema with only the touch of a button.

With automatic dosification and superb reliability, the electronic MILADY brews the exact quantity of coffee chosen.

Installation and Function: Completely silent brew system. External on\off switch. One button, one step brewing process for the perfectly brewed coffee every time. 4 programmable levels of water output for each brew head, plus continuous brewing. Low maintenance and high return on investment.

Model: only 1 group

1 Group Automatic $2,195

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